A boutique firm in business and property development.

All business are based on relations.

We have been providing successful business relations for some 25+ years.

what we do.

Property development.

We put emotions into practice.

Developing housing and real estate is not a matter of technology and concrete: it is a matter of the ability to make the unconscious tangible and create sustainability in all essential perspectives.

Right now we are working with five exquisite and very exclusive locations where we develop housing for the discerning customer. Our objects are always close to the sea and with incomparable views

what we do.

Business development.

Creating business is not only made on spread sheets.

Our ability to create long-term relationships is the basis of our business thinking. When others focus on Excel documents, we choose to focus on the core values of all businesses: the relationships that created them. Therefore, we can be proud of the ability to see more variables that lead to successful results, favorable to all parties to business development.

Amongst others, we have been advising investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Carnegie and United Bankers and been involved in numerous M&A transactions.

who we work with.

Discretion is our honour.

We are working with leading family offices, high net worth individuals and investment banks to tailor high-yield projects with manageable risk levels. Discretion and a well-founded integrity guarantees quality in all parts of the execution of our assignments.
Through our extensive international network of decision makers, we are an obvious choice for the client who is looking for a flexible, powerful and creative development company.
Business development

Finding investors to entrepreneurs

Running a business is a constant trauma for an entrepreneur, especially when it comes to financing. We tailor-make, build relationships and lead investors to the right business creator with mutual success as the main goal.

Property development

Finding projects to investors

With the highest possible return and a detailed customer orientation, we create very attractive property development projects in locations that are always off market and not available to other development companies. This thus guarantees projects that are very attractive to the end customer and ultimately a higher return for the investor.


Guidance through experiences

Through many years of gathering experience and high end contacts, we are perfectly suited to act as advisors but also find just the right skills for the client's varying needs. Our stable of well-reputed people includes cabinet ministers, governors, internationally recognized business leaders and cultural personalities.

where to find us.

Availability is essential.

We are always available for urgent needs or long-term commitment.

C/O Geranium
Mariatorget 1A
118 48 Stockholm  
53 Black Lion Lane
London W69BG, UK


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